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Название: South Indian Images of Gods and Goddesses
Автор: H. Krishna Sastri
Издательство : Madras Govrnment Press
Год: 1916
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 316
Размер : 37 Mb
Язык: Английский
so on. Crowns and other rich and costly jewellery, set with gems and pearls (fig. 4), and often presented by Rajas and Chieftains or other rich devotees, are a special pride of the wealthier temples.The Brahmana priest is to purify himself by bath and prayers early morning, and then open the doors of the sanctum and
gently wake up the god, who is supposed to be sleeping, by chanting appropriate hymns in his praise. Then, after duly worshipping the guardian deities, he washes the feet of the chief deity, bathes the image, clothes it properly, decorates it with the usual jewellery, sandal and flowers, waving incense and lamps of diverse pattern (fig. 5) in front of the god and finally offering him the cooked food or naivedyam and the final betel leaf and nut. At stated intervals the god comes out in procession and perhaps sees to the comfort of his attendant deities.

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