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Armor Number 30: M2/M3 Bradley in action скачать

Armor Number 30: M2/M3 Bradley in action

Название: Armor Number 2030: M2/M3 Bradley in action
Автор: Jim Mesko
Издательство: Squadron/Signal Publications
ISBN: 0897472802
Год: 1992
Страниц: 52
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15.3 mb

This book from Squadron Signal gives you a very good, accurate crash course in the history of APC's and the history behind the Army's first Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Many excellent B&W photos of the interior, exterior and in use. There are a few paragraphs that cover the use in Gulf 1. Of interest, the last section deals with proposed versions of the M2/M3 such as the ADAT, Close Combat Vehicle. The MLRS is also demonstrated.
Line drawings showing the differences in each version, weapons carried and 2 pages of color plates help the reader see the history and use of the Bradley up to and through 1992. Four stars for the book since it's old, it can't capture the upgrades in armor and capabilities of the Bradley, its use in Urban Warfare. Newer books will have to fill that void.

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