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Sturmgeschutze Entwicklung und Fertigung der sPak скачать

Sturmgeschutze Entwicklung und Fertigung der sPak

Sturmgeshutze Entwicklung und Fertigung der sPak
Автор: Walter J. Spielberger / Вальтер Шпильбергер
Издательство: Motorbuch
ISBN: 3-613-01356-8
Серия: Militarfahrzeuge, Band 13
Формат: PDF
Количество страниц: 255
Язык: Немецкий
Размер Файла: 33.1 МБ

The first two volumes of this definitive history of German armor are now available in English! Known for its emphasis on detail, the Spielberger series shows in factory, test and combat photographs, and detailed line drawings, all production models, prototypes and modifications of specific armor and military vehicles. Volume I covers all variations of the Panther tanks, including all vehicles that used the Panther chassis. Volume II on the Sturmgeschutz assault guns, shows all short and long gun versions, as well as the various support vehicles of the Sturmartillerie. Upcoming volumes include: Volume III on the Panzer IV, and Volume IV and the Panzer III.

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Sturmgeschutze Entwicklung und Fertigung der sPak скачали 333 раз

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