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Squadron/Signal 6121. Air War Desert Storm (Desert Storm Specials 6121) скачать

Squadron/Signal 6121. Air War Desert Storm (Desert Storm Specials 6121)

Air War Desert Storm (Desert Storm Specials 6121)
Автор: Lou Drendel
Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications, 1991
Страниц: 64 Pages
Язык: english
ISBN: 0897472608
Формат: PDF
Размер: 71 mb

In all the debate over the conduct of the Vietnam War, a number of so-called "experts" repeatedly told us that Vietnam was proof ...once again...that airpower alone could not win a war. Bombing an enemy only hardens his will to resist. After the Vietnam War, these "experts" told us that the military budget was bloated by $600 toilet seats and $500 screwdrivers. They told us that "Star Wars" technol­ogy was at best "destabilizing" and at worst, money down the drain. They insisted that high tech weapons were too complex and they would not work in combat. They told us that our aircraft were too expensive and high tech to be reliable. They told us that we should buy lots and lots of "cheap" aircraft...aerial cannon fodder...which would match the enemy more closely in numbers....

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