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Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front скачать

Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front

Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front
автор: Robert Kirchubel
Издано: Pen and Sword, 2009
ISBN: 1844159280
Язык: English
Страниц: 246 Pages
Формат: PDF
Размер 6.7 MB

Hitler's panzer armies spearheaded the blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front. They played a key role in every major campaign, not simply as tactical tools but also as operational weapons that shaped strategy. Their extraordinary triumphs and their eventual defeat mirrors the fate of German forces in the East. And yet no previous study has concentrated on the history of these elite formations in the bitter struggle against the Soviet Union. Robert Kirchubel's absorbing and meticulously researched account of the operational history of the panzer armies fills this gap in the literature. And it gives a graphic insight into the organization, tactics, fighting methods and morale of the Wehrmacht at the height of its powers and as it struggled to defend the Reich.

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