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The U-Boat Century - German Submarine Warfare 1906-2006 скачать

The U-Boat Century - German Submarine Warfare 1906-2006
The U-Boat Century: German Submarine Warfare 1906-2006
Автор/Author: Jak P. Mallmann Showell
Publ./Издано: Chatham Publishing. 2006
Язык/Language: English
ISBN: 1861762410
Страниц/Pages: 115 double
Формат: PDF
Размер/Size: 154.7 mb

The Italians may have invented submarines and the Americans developed them but it was undoubtedly the Germans who did the most to perfect them.

Much of Germany’s thrust against the Allies in both the First and Second World Wars was predicated on the use of submarines to smash Britain’s supply lines.

The U-Boats were very successful in this for the first couple of years of both wars but the Allies developed technology and techniques that eventually turned the tide. Meanwhile, thousands of brave, resourceful and often clever young German men died in the pursuit of tragically lost causes.
This well researched and presented book presents a very good overview of the development and use of submarines by Germany. Even now, as one of the most peace loving countries, Germany is still very much at the forefront of submarine development.
The world has seen a boom in submarine building of late. German shipbuilders have led the way. Here you can learn how that country’s capabilities have developed.

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