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Kagero Topshots #21. MIG-17F/LIM-5 скачать

Название: MIG-17F/LIM-5
Авторы: Albert Osinski, Tomasz Szlagor
Издательство: Kagero Oficyna Wydawnicza
Серия: Topshots 21
Год: 2005
ISBN: 8389088967
Формат: PDF
Размер: 39 MB
Язык: English
Страниц: 44

The MiG-17 (NATO codename "Fresco") was designed as the successor to the MiG-15 by a team of construc tors under the leadership of Artem Ivanonich Mikoy-an. The first production batch rolled off the assembly lines in August 1951. The improved MiG-17F, which entered oper ational service in 1953, was equipped with the VK-1F engine (with afterburner) - 'F' standing for forsirovannyj, meaning "afterburner-boosted". The first MiG-17s saw service with the Polish Air force in 1955. At the same time a decision was made to produce MiG-17s under licence in Polish military aviation plants, which had already worked on MiG-15s (notably, the WSK Mielec plant). The aircraft built in Poland under the designation "Lim-5" (Licencyjny Mysliwiec - licence-built fighter air craft) were basically the MiG-17F. The VK-1F engine, manu factured at the WSK Rzeszow plant, was designated "Lis-5". The assault-reconaissance Lim-5R was fitted, in addition, with a photographic camera. The first Polish MiG-17s left the factories on 28th November 1956.

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Kagero Topshots #21. MIG-17F/LIM-5 скачали 360 раз

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