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Shots from the Front: The British Soldier 1914-1918 скачать

Название: Shots from the Front: The British Soldier 1914-1918
Автор: Richard Holmes
Издательство: Harper Press
ISBN: 000727548X
Год издания: 2008
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 121*2
Формат: PDF
Размер: 109,9 mb

A handsomely illustrated photographic account, by the bestselling author of 'Tommy' (2003), of the human experience of war as directly witnessed by British soldiers in the First World War. Richard Holmes, one of Britain's best-known military historians (and President of the British Commission of Military History), has selected over 200 photographs taken for the most part by officers and men rather than by official photographers -- mostly unfamiliar ones located in archive collections, regimental museums and private sources. There will also be specially taken photographs by Mike Sheil, one of the best battlefield photographers working today. The book will deal with the whole of the British Army's experience of the First World War -- Gallipoli, Mesopotamia, and so on -- and not just on the Western Front. The photographs will be grouped thematically as extended picture essays; topics include the pre-war army and mobilisation of 1914; the contribution made by nurses; medical treatment and the wounded; infantrymen and their weapons; the campaign in Mesopotamia, etc! Like 'Tommy', the book is about people rather than things, about the human experience of war rather than its strategy or tactics, and at least as much about the everyday or commonplace -- a latrine here or a plate of bully beef there -- as about the lofty or portentous. It shows us the dirt beneath the fingernails of history.


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