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Dog-Fight: Aerial Tactics of the Aces of World War I скачать

Название: Dog-Fight: Aerial Tactics of the Aces of World War I
Автор: Norman Franks
Издательство: Greenhill Books
ISBN: 1853675512
Год издания: 2003
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 129*2
Формат: PDF-RAR
Размер: 100,5 mb

The history of WWI aviation is a rich and varied story marked by the evolution of aircraft from slow moving, fragile, and unreliable powered kites, into quick, agile, sturdy fighter craft. At the same time there emerged a new kind of 'soldier', the fighter pilots whose individual cunning and bravery became crucial in the fight for control of the air. Dog-fight traces this rapid technological development alongside the strategy and planning of commanders and front-line airmen as they adapted to the rapidly changing events around them and learned to get the best from their machines. Often, this involved discovering and employing tactics instinctively to stay alive. Based on the author's personal correspondence with a number of WWI fighter pilots and aces, and drawing on published contemporary memoirs, this is an authoritative and lively history that serves as a captivating tribute to the brave pilots of both sides.


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