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The principles and practice of modern artillery скачать

Название: The principles and practice of modern artillery, including artillery material, gunnery and organization and use of artillery in warfare
Автор: Owen, Charles Henry
Издательство: J. Murray, London
Год: 1873
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 43,78 Mb
Качество: Отличное
Количество страниц: 586
Описание: Дается описание устройства орудий и их различных частей . Конструкция боеприпасов. Тактика применения артиллерии. Много чертежей и иллюстраций.
PART I. Ordnance, carriages, and ammunition.
PART II. Principles and practice of gunnery.
PART III. Organisation and use of artillery in warfare.

Part I. gives a general description of the construction and objects of the different guns, carriages, and kinds of ammunition now used, without which the subsequent parts would be but imperfectly understood. To simplify the subject, naval stores and small arms have been omitted, occasional reference being however made to the former in the foot-notes ; for the same reason, most of the large tables have been placed in the Appendix. In Part II. long mathematical investigations have been avoided, but references have been given to where they may be found ; and the methods of calculating practical gunnery questions have been fully explained. Part III. treats of a subject too little studied in this country, but which is of great importance, and commands apparently at the present time a growing interest.

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