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The Immortal Gamble and the Part Played in It by H.M.S. "Cornwallis" скачать

'TheНазвание: The Immortal Gamble and the Part Played in It by H.M.S. "Cornwallis"
Автор: A. T. Stewart
Издательство: A. & C. Black
Год: 1917
Страниц: 326
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 18МБ
Язык: английский
No ship saw longer service, nor played a more prominent part in the ultimately disastrous but heroic Dardanelles and Gallipoli campaigns than the venerable battleship HMS Cornwallis. She was the second ship to arrive in the area - after HMS Vengeance - at the commencement of the landings in Suvla Bay in April 1915, and she was present at the withdrawal and evacuation of the Allied bridgehead in December, firing her guns to cover the departure, and setting Turkish stores ablaze. This book - aptly titled The Immortal Gamble, a phrase uttered by Winston Churchill to describe the campaign he largely initiated - tells the entire story of Cornwallis's operations, and therefore is an important narrative of the campaign itself. Co-Written by Cornwallis's acting Commander, A.T. Stewart, and by the ship's chaplain, the Rev. C.J.E.Peshall, this is an unmissable book for all those interested in naval operations in the Great War - and Gallipoli in particular. It contains, as well as a stirring account of the action, a Roll of Honour; a full list of awards - including the VC awarded to Cornwallis crew member Midshipman Malleson - and officers' rolls.

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The Immortal Gamble and the Part Played in It by H.M.S. "Cornwallis" скачали 234 раз

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