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21 cm Morser 18 [Model Detail Photo Monograph 24] скачать

Автор: Mariusz Skotnicki
Название: 21 cm Morser 18 [Model Detail Photo Monograph 24]
Серия: Model Detail Photo Monograph 24
Издательство: Rossagraph
Страниц: 44
Язык: Polish / English
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf в rar
Размер: 16,78 Mb
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Описание (About this book): The Mrs 18 was designed to replace the obsolescent World War I-era 21 cm Mrs 16. While the gun design itself was nothing innovative, the same cannot be said for the carriage. It was one of the first weapons, if not the first in quantity production, that used the interesting dual-recoil system. The barrel recoiled normally in its cradle, but, in addition, the whole top carriage, which carried the barrel and its cradle, recoiled across the main part of the carriage. This system damped out the recoil forces and made for a very steady firing platform. This carriage was also used for the 17 cm Kanone 18.

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