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'Frog:название : Frog: A Photographic Portrait
издатель : DK ADULT
автор : Thomas Marent, Tom Jackson
год: 2008-09-01
формат: pdf
страниц: 284
Language: English
ISBN : 9780756641320
размер архива: 13,66 мб

Книга состоит из фотографий лягушек и жаб , с пояснениями для понимания , что несёт для них экологические изменения на планете.

Frog is a celebration of the fascinating range of the planet's frogs and toads. Published to coincide with Amphibian Ark's "Year of the Frog" and designed to build awareness of environmental change causing many species of amphibians to disappear at an alarming rate. The aim of the year's campaign is to generate awareness to the greatest species conservation challenge in history. AUTHOR BIO: Thomas Marent, author of Rainforest (2006) and Butterfly (2008), started photographing natural history subjects, particularly birds and butterflies, in the mountains of his native Switzerland. He has dedicated nearly half his life to recording butterflies across five continents.

Frog: A Photographic PortraitFrog: A Photographic Portrait
Frog: A Photographic PortraitFrog: A Photographic Portrait
Frog: A Photographic PortraitFrog: A Photographic Portrait

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