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'Bigfoot:название: Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend
автор: Joshua Blu Buhs
год: 2009
издатель : University Of Chicago Press
формат: pdf
страниц: 296
language: English
ISBN: 978-0226079790
размер : 2,7 mb

Йети: Жизнь и Легенды

In 1832, the British Resident in the court of Nepal reported that the natives had spotted a “furred, upright, tailless demon.” In 1989, a Canadian woman and her grandson thought they saw a Sasquatch and joked that they should offer him a beer. Buhs traces the journey between these perceptions of elusive wild men and discovers a story of twentieth-century shifts in American culture and class. Bigfoot was both a product of the postwar ascendance of mass culture and a reaction to it, capturing the imagination of those who longed to “touch the really real behind the false front of consumer goods and scientific arrogance.” The book is most interesting when revisiting men’s adventure magazines and rural “four-waller” movies. It is silliest when asserting that “by imagining themselves into the body of Sasquatch, white working-class men could imagine themselves as black, as women, could come in contact with their own souls.”

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