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'Primateназвание: Primate Neuroethology
автор: Michael L. Platt, Asif A. Ghazanfar
год: 2010
издатель : Oxford University Press
формат: pdf
страниц: 680
language: English
ISBN: 0195326598
размер : 10,45 mb
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Нейробиология в приматологии.

This edited volume is the first of its kind to bridge the epistemological gap between primate
ethologists and primate neurobiologists.
Leading experts in several fields will review work ranging
from primate foraging behavior to the neurophysiology of motor control, from vocal communication to the
functions of the auditory cortex. This synthesis of the cognitive, ethological and neurobiological
approaches to primate behavior will yield the richest understanding of our primate cousins to date and
will shed light on the evolutionary development of human behavior and cognition. The book contains
chapters by leading primatologists, comparative psychologists, and neuroscientists who have developed
new ideas and experimental approaches and applied them to a variety of issues dealing with primate
behavior and neurobiology. The volume represents an important contribution for both the professional
and the student, and collects for the first time in a single book both basic and cutting-edge
information on primate behavior and cognition, neurobiology, and the emerging discipline of

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