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Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods (Green Technology) скачать

'Renewableназвание: Renewable Energy - Sources and Methods
автор:Anne Maczulak
год: 2009
издатель : Wiley-VCH
формат: pdf
страниц: 206
language: English
ISBN: 0816072035
размер : 9,28 mb
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Энергия - новые источники и методы

It is difficult to identify a defining moment that turned the tide toward less-polluting energy sources, but most people today have a fresh outlook on the environment and realize the importance of conservation.
In recent years, a new community of people who want alternative energies for their cars, public vehicles, and houses has emerged. "Renewable Energy" reviews the current status of technologies in renewable energy, a critical subject since the world now increases its energy consumption between 1 to 3 percent each year. Covering the current rate of energy consumption and the consequences of continuing this rate, this new book explains how the main conventional forms of energy - including coal, oil, and gas - contribute to economies. The focus of this full-color book is the remarkable diversity of ideas that are born every day in the field of alternative energy.

The chapters include:

Earth's Energy Sources;
Gasoline Alternative Vehicles
Innovations in Clean Energy
Green Building Design and
Energy from Solid Biomass.

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