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Lost Histories: Exploring The World`s Most Famous Mysteries скачать

Lost Histories: Exploring The World`s Most Famous Mysteries
Автор: Joel Levy
Название: Lost Histories: Exploring The World`s Most Famous Mysteries
Издательство: Vision Paperbacks
Год: 2006
Формат: pdf
Размер: 1.12 Мб
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 256

Книга на английском языке, посвязенная историческим тайнам и легендам. Из издании вы узнаете о затерянных местах (Атлантиде, замке Соломона, Александрийская библиотека, Камелот, Эльдорадо), артефактах (диалоги Аристотеля, Святой Грааль, Ковчег Завета, утерянные пьесы Шекспира), затерянных сокровищах и кладах (сокровища темплиеров, клад капитана Кидда, сокровища Монтесумы и т.п.), загадочно пропавших людях (Амелия Эрхарт, Чингиз Хан и др.), а также необычных крушениях и авариях (экспедиция Франклина, "Белый корабль" и др.).

In an average history book most people, places and things can be located. We know where they happened, where they were buried, where they now lie, where you can see them if they have survived. Inevitably, however, many have got lost in history: concealed beneath the dust, vanished below the waves, hidden by fading memory and competing legends. What is left are mysteries.
Everyone loves a good mystery. So much the better if the mystery is real – if it concerns real people or places, or things that really happened. Today it is increasingly hard to know whether the mystery you are being peddled is genuine or simply a house of cards; a pile of baseless speculations heaped upon misreported facts and reified fictions. To some extent history has always been a story, a narrative woven from selected events and selective interpretations, but too much of it is now more like a trashy potboiler. Ideally much of this airport novelstyle history would be clearly distinguished and labelled as ‘pseudohistory’, or at least ‘alternative history’, but this rarely happens. What is needed, in the words of historian Kevin McClure, is a campaign for real history.


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