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The Rainbow Sky: An Exploration of Colors in the Solar System and Beyond скачать

Название: The Rainbow Sky: An Exploration of Colors in the Solar System and Beyond
Автор: Lance Tony Buick
Издательство: Springer
Год: 2009
Страниц 359
ISBN: 1441910522
Формат: PDF
Размер: 30 MB
Язык Английский
There are many more astronomical and meteorological phenomena involving color than most people are aware of, let alone have observed. Visual double stars with contrasting color are obvious targets for amateur astronomers, but there are many more - everything from colors on the Moon, through colors on the planets and in deep-sky objects, to man-made colors in the night sky. A great deal of these colored phenomena can be seen with the unaided eye, and can be visible in - and imaged with - a modest telescope, but all require preparation, anticipation and planning. The result will be some breathtaking sights, along with some amazing images.
Just browsing through this book will captivate the reader. Some events are familiar but present severe challenges to photograph. Some can be captured only by using previously unfamiliar techniques. And it is almost certain that some will never have been seen before by readers.
All the colored objects and phenomena are accessible by using the right techniques, for which Tony Buick provides easy-to-follow instructions.

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The Rainbow Sky: An Exploration of Colors in the Solar System and Beyond скачали 311 раз

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