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Moscow - Eyewitness Travel Guide. скачать


Автор: Christopher and Melanie Rice
Издательство: DK Publishing
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 264
ISBN: 978-0-75662-438-5
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 70 Mб

Свыше 750 цветных фотографий путеводителя покажут вам Москву в наилучшем виде. Уникальные схемы и планы будут вашими гидами по музеям - другие вам просто не понадобятся. На подробной и точной карте города вы легко найдете нужную улицу или район. Практические советы - где спросить, как доехать, откуда позвонить. Отели, рестораны, кафе и бары на любой вкус и кошелек.
"Moscow: Eyewitness Travel" travel guide will lead you straight to the best attractions this diverse city has to offer. Packed with photographs, illustrations and detailed maps, discover Moscow district by district; from the bohemian atmosphere of Old Arbat to the fascinating museums in Tverskaya. The guide provides all the insider tips every visitor needs from the city's best venues for folk dance and gypsy music to the best restaurants that will serve a steaming hot bowl of Borscht, with comprehensive listings of the best hotels, resorts, restaurants and nightlife for all budgets. You'll find 3D cutaways and floorplans of all the must-see sites plus useful street maps to help you find your way around. "DK Eyewitness Moscow" explores the city's political life, literature, cathedrals and markets, focussing on the turbulent and revolutionary past which has shaped this magnificent city. With up-to-date information on getting around by river, train, taxi or by foot and all the sights listed district by district, "Moscow: Eyewitness Travel" is indispensable. Don't miss a thing on your holiday with the "Moscow: Eyewitness Travel".

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