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Eyewitness Travel Top 10 - Rio De Janeiro . скачать


Автор: Alex Robinson
Издательство: DK Travel
Год издания: 2008
Страниц: 128
ISBN: 978-1-4053-2942-2
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10 Mб

With user-friendly maps that show you how to get there and stunning photography showing you what to expect, this full-colour guide will make planning your trip a pleasure. Whatever your budget, you'll find accommodation and restaurant reviews for every neighbourhood, as well as recommendations for cafes, bars, clubs and shopping. There are dozens of Top 10 lists: from the Top 10 places to join Rio's parties and parades to the Top 10 most fascinating museums and lively entertainment venues. To save you time and money, there's a free pull-out map with themed recommendations, and a list of the Top 10 Things to Avoid. Packed with essential information every visitor needs, this pocket-size guide is the perfect travel companion.

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Eyewitness Travel Top 10 - Rio De Janeiro . скачали 333 раз

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