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Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering скачать

Название: Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers
Автор: Frederick S. Merritt, M. Kent Loftin
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Companies
Год: 1998
ISBN: 0071344195
Формат: ISO
Размер: 64,3 MB
Язык: английский

Robert Brown Butler "Standard Handbook of Architectural Engineering on CD-ROM"
McGraw-Hill Professional | English | 1999-06-25 | ISBN: 0071347518 | ISO | 62,5 MB

Now part of McGraw-Hill's time-saving, state-of-the-art Core Handbook CD-ROM series, this indispensable handbook enables architects, designers, builders, and engineers to design virtually any functional component for any architecture anywhere in the world. Key features:
* Contains the complete content of the Standard Handbook in a fully searchable Adobe Acrobat format
* Offers a complete collection of structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, and acoustical data
* Includes 450 universal design scenarios, each of which describes the sizing of a different functional part of a building
* Provides more than 900 fully interactive formulas, tables, and calculations, enabling users to size each component perfectly and effortlessly
* Features extensive indexing that allows for instant access to specific data
* Both Mac- and PC-compatible

A sizeable compendium of structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, lighting, and acoustical design data. With 450 universal design scenarios, walks readers through the steps of designing, selecting, and sizing almost any functional component of a building. Introduces two fundamentally new approaches toward the sizing of functional components: parameter design, which involves determining the optimal dimensions of a component's outermost characteristics regardless of its inner details; and the gauging equation, an algebra to determine a component's size by some practical or experimental criteria when a scientifically articulated method either does not exist or is needlessly complex. The CD-ROM, for IBM compatibles, includes over 900 formulas and nearly 100 design tools, has a quick search component, and can be incorporated into CAD.


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