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Popular Piano Self-Taught скачать

Автор: Win Stormen
Название: Popular Piano Self-Taught
Издательство: Bonanza Books
Год: 1984
Формат: JPG в архиве RAR
Размер: 25 MB
Страниц: 143
Язык: English
Для сайта: Электронная библиотека

How often have you wished that you could play the piano? With Popular Piano Self-Taught, anyone with the least musical inclination can learn to play popular songs. All you need to know is clearly and completely outlined in this easy-to-follow manual.
The simplicity of the keyboard arrangements and the easy of popular music make it possible for you to acquire the basic knowledge and techniques of the piano without an instructor. All you need is a piano and this convenient book.
By following the illustrated exercises and playing the familiar songs, you will learn: rock and roll, syncopation, the augmented chord, diminished 7th and minor chords, jazz, how to build chords, and much, much more.

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