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Optics and Optical InstrumentsНазвание: Optics and Optical Instruments
Автор: B. K. Johnson
Издательство: Manufactured in the USA, Dover Publications, Inc.
Год издания: 1960
Страниц: 232
Формат: DJVU+OCR
Размер: 6,4 МБ
Качество: Отличное, 600дпи, текстовой слой, цветная обложка
THIS book is intended to convey information concerning the practical application of optical principles. In recent years optical instruments and optical components have been used increasingly in scientific and industrial work, and it has become evident that there are still many who may not be familiar with optical technique. It was felt, therefore, that if the latter was explained in practical and concise form, this might prove helpful both to the student and to the industrial physicist.
It is a well-known truism that theory should be supported by experimental verification, and to this end experiments and optical working models are set out in some detail in these pages, so as to enable the theoretical principles to be grasped and also to enable one to understand better the action of the lenses and prisms, etc., often hidden by the external tubes or casings of the finished instrument.
Whilst the book is of a practical nature, sufficient theory is given to enable the experimental illustrations to be carried out intelligently.
Since the book was first printed in 1947, two additional chapters have been introduced, one dealing with the human eye and one concerned with optical projection apparatus.
It is hoped that the section on optical glass and its working will prove of value and lead to a fuller appreciation of the art and skill required in producing high quality optical components.
It was felt that the practical application of fundamental optical principles to almost every branch of science and industry is now so far-reaching that the existence of the third edition of this book would be justified.
For those who have to teach these principles, for the users of optical instruments, and for those who do research work, it is hoped that these pages may contribute in some small way to their work.

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