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Analysis of Variance Designs. A Conceptual and Computational Approach with SPSS and SAS скачать

'AnalysisНазвание: Analysis of Variance Designs. A Conceptual and Computational Approach with SPSS and SAS
ISBN: 978-0-511-42915-6
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 596
Формат: PDF
Размер: 14.5 Мб
Язык: Английский

ANOVA (Analysis Of Variance) is one of the most fundamental and ubiquitous univariate methodologies employed by psychologists and other behavioural scientists. Analysis of Variance Designs presents the foundations of this experimental design, including assumptions, statistical significance, strength of effect, and the partitioning of the variance. Exploring the effects of one or more independent variables on a single dependent variable as well as two-way and three-way mixed designs, this textbook offers an overview of traditionally advanced topics for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in the behavioural and social sciences. Separate chapters are devoted to multiple comparisons (post hoc and planned/weighted), ANCOVA, and advanced topics. Each of the design chapters contains conceptual discussions, hand calculations, and procedures for the omnibus and simple effects analyses in both SPSS and the new ‘click and shoot’ SAS Enterprise Guide interface.

1. ANOVA and research design; 2. Measurement, central tendency, and variability; 3. Elements of ANOVA; 4. The statistical significance and effect of strength; 5. Analysis of variance assumptions; 6. One-way between subjects design; 7. Multiple comparison procedures; 8. Two-way between subjects design; 9. Three-way between subjects design; 10. One-way within subject design; 11. Two-way within subjects design; 12. Three-way within subjects design; 13. Simple mixed design; 14. Complex mixed design: two between-subject factors and one within-subject factor; 15. Complex mixed design: one between-subject factor and two within-subject factors; 16. Analysis of covariance; 17. Advanced topics in analysis of variance; Appendix A. Primer on SPSS; Appendix B. Primer on SAS Enterprise Guide; Appendix C. Table of critical f values; Appendix D. Deviational formula for sums of squares.

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Analysis of Variance Designs. A Conceptual and Computational Approach with SPSS and SAS скачали 325 раз

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