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Chiyo Odika - Microsoft Operations Management Suite CookbookНазвание: Microsoft Operations Management Suite Cookbook
Автор: Chiyo Odika
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 178646909X
Год: 2018
Страниц: 448
Язык: английский
Формат: epub, pdf (conv)
Размер: 38.1 MB

Управляйте локальными и облачными ИТ-ресурсами с одной консоли. Microsoft OMS - это универсальное решение для управления ИТ, с упрощенным управлением операциями и безопасностью, используемое для получения области видимости и контроля над гибридным облаком. Благодаря решениям Microsoft на облаках Azure, OMS помогает организациям максимально использовать свои инвестиции в "облака". Эта книга предлагает практические рецепты для сбора в реальном времени оперативной информации всей вашей гибридной среды.

Manage on-premises and cloud IT assets from one console.

Microsoft OMS is a one stop IT management solution used to gain visibility and control over hybrid cloud with simplified operation management and security. With Microsoft based solutions on Azure clouds, OMS helps organizations make the most of their cloud investment.

This book offers practical and hands-on recipes to gather real-time operational intelligence of your entire hybrid environment. You will begin overview of how to hit the ground running with OMS insights and analytics. Next, you will learn to search and analyse the data to derive some actionable insights. This chapter logically continues from the previous chapter, and reviews alert generation from the analysed data, using basic and advanced queries in OMS. Following this, you will be exploring some other noteworthy OMS solutions such as VMware Monitoring Solutions, monitoring network performance and so on. You will also get well versed with the data protection and recovery capabilities of OMS. Moving on, you will be making the most of automation capabilities in OMS, and learn how to prepare for working with the various Azure Automation components.

Finally you will learn to evaluate key considerations for using security solutions and expected outcomes.

By the end of the book, you will be able to implement all solutions that OMS provides without any hassle.

Key Features
Empower yourself with practical recipes to collect and analyze operational insights on Windows Server and Azure
Build capabilities through practical tasks and techniques to collect and analyze machine data
Address business challenges and discover means to accommodate workloads and instances in a low cost manner

What you will learn
Understand the important architectural considerations and strategies for OMS.
Use advanced search query commands and strategies for deriving insights from indexed data
Make use of alerting in OMS such as alert actions, and available options for the entire lifecycle of the alert.
Practical tips for monitoring Azure container service containers and clusters using OMS.
Review and use the backup options available through the Azure backup service, as well as data recovery options available through Azure Site Recovery (ASR).
Create a management solution, the design principles involved, management solution authoring best practices, and techniques.

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