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Windows 7 - Pocket guideНазвание: Windows 7 - Pocket guide
Автор: Rich Robinson
Издательство: Mintywhite
Год: 2009
Количество страниц: 385
Формат: PDF
Размер: 12.7 Мб
Язык: English

Windows 7 Pocket Guide / PDF / Pages 378 / 12.3 MB
Computers are part of our everyday lives; learning how to use them to your advantage is invaluable. With this in mind, it is important to learn how to use
computers well and how to use them effectively. In this book, you will learn more about the Windows Vista operating system.
Follow along with your
computer as you read the chapters and master the content.
This book will teach you how to backup your files, take control of security, maintain your computer and files, improve performance, increase efficiency, and personalize your system. You do not need to read this book in order select a chapter that looks interesting and begin.
This Book Contains More About :
- Getting Started
- Backing Up Early and Often
- Security
- System Maintenance & Management
- Increasing Performance
- Working Efficiently
- Personalizing Vista 7
- Taking Control of Your Files

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