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'QualityНазвание: Quality Assurance For Dynamics AX Based ERP Solutions
Автор: Anil Kumar Gupta
Издательство: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-847192-91-2
Год: 2008
Количество страниц: 168
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2.4 Мб
Язык: Английский

In Detail Dynamics AX is a next-generation ERP system that can be customized in any area to provide a competitive edge by facilitating ERP implementations that follow the time-proven processes being used by businesses. This ERP system not only provides additional flexibilities but also has some other unique features such as its layered customization approach, separation of language elements from code, feature keys, etc. All these features add great value allowing implementation of solutions in a flexible, cost-effective, risk-free, and timely manner but these things may add challenges in quality assurance of these solutions. This book discusses the methodology to ensure quality standards in Dynamics AX customization projects and IBI-compliant independent software vendor application development. Dynamics AX customization is not equivalent to fresh application development; however, Dynamics is so flexible that it allows customization in almost all areas, which poses greater challenges for correctness, accuracy, and trustworthiness of customized Dynamics AX-based ERP solutions. This book discusses the quality expectations from Dynamics AX-based ERP solutions, best practices that need to be followed to meet the quality expectations, and the strategies to test a customized Dynamics AX ERP application. What you will learn from this book?

Implementing ERP to resolve business challenges

Solving quality issues using Dynamics AX

Best practices for Dynamics AX customization (technical perspective, GUI)

Achieving trustworthiness by improving security, privacy, and reliability

Testing strategy for verifying quality characteristics

Implementing a safe and secure testing life cycle tuned for Dynamics AX

Handling the security defects in your system.

Exploring and employing/utilizing Dynamics AX testing tools
Approach This book deals with quality awareness as well as quality assurance. It discusses the quality expectations from the ERP solution, talks about the best practices for meeting the quality expectations, and then suggests the strategies to test the customized Dynamics AX ERP application. Who this book is written for? Microsoft Business Solution partners will benefit greatly from this book. This book targets functional experts and Dynamics AX developers. A basic knowledge of the X++ language and the basics of Axapta architecture are needed to follow the book, but no prior knowledge of testing is required. The following will find this book useful:

MBS Partners who are dealing in Dynamics AX: To educate their employees for achieving their quality goals.

Project Managers / Quality Managers: To update themselves about the standards related to Design, Development, Testing, etc., which are a part of Microsoft IBI Specifications for Dynamics AX 4.0.

Dynamics AX Developers: To update themselves about coding standards that apply to Dynamics AX and to know the principles behind various recommended best practices.

Functional Consultants: To update themselves about Solution Design / GUI Specifications.

Chief Technology Officers / Technical Solution Designers: To gain awareness about best practices for trustworthy computing and how these can be implemented at organization / project level.

Dynamics AX Customers: To know about applicable standards for Dynamics AX customization projects and hence be able to effectively monitor their projects or set expectations from vendors about quality goals.

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