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CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide (with CD) скачать

Название: CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide (with CD)
Автор: Kimberly Graves
Издательство: Sybex
Год: 2010
Страниц 432
ISBN: 0470525207
Формат: PDF & ISO
Размер: 68,2 MB
Язык Английский

Prepare for the new version of CEH certification with this advanced guide. Once you learn the thought processes of unethical hackers, you can figure out how to secure your computer systems to defend against them. That's the philosophy behind ethical hacking, and it's a growing field. Prepare for certification in this important area with this advanced study guide that covers all exam objectives for the challenging CEH Certified Ethical Hackers exam. The book pres full coverage of exam topics, real-world examples, and a CD with additional materials for extra review and practice.
Covers ethics and legal issues, footprinting, scanning, enumeration, system hacking, trojans and backdoors, sniffers, denial of service, social engineering, session hijacking, hacking Web servers, Web application vulnerabilities, and more

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CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide (with CD) скачали 388 раз

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