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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices скачать


Название: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices
Издательство: Microsoft Press
Автор: Siegfried Jagott, Joel Stidley
Год: 2010
Количество страниц: 912
Формат: PDF
Размер: 19 Mb
Язык: English

Apply best practices for administering Exchange Server 2010 and SP1--and optimize your operational efficiency and results. This guide captures the field-tested solutions, real-world lessons, and candid advice of practitioners across the range of business and technical scenarios--and across the IT life cycle. Gain expert insights on what works, where to make tradeoffs, and how to implement the best decisions for your organization.

Discover how to:
Apply scenario-based guidance for planning and deployment
Prepare Active Directory(R) and the server environment
Validate requirements and understand configuration tradeoffs
Learn best ways to manage users, mailboxes, and permissions
Optimize message routing and security
Design and implement Unified Messaging and federated delegation
Define your archiving and compliance strategy
Build high availability into your backup and recovery plan
Monitor and tune performance
Apply proven troubleshooting tactics

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