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Construction Methods and Management (7th Edition) скачать


Название: Construction Methods and Management (7th Edition)
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Автор: Stephens W. Nunnally
Год: 2006
Количество страниц: 576
Формат: PDF
Размер: 102 mb
Язык: English

Comprehensive and up-to-date, the text integrates major construction management topics with an explanation of the methods of heavy/highway and building construction. It incorporates both customary U.S. units and metric ( SI) units and is the only text to present concrete formwork design equations and procedures using both measurement systems. This edition features information on new construction technology, the latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction, the latest developments in wood preservation and major health, safety and environmental concerns. Explains latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction. Presents the latest developments in wood perservation materials and techniques which respond to environmental concerns. Expanded and updated coverage of construction safety and major health hazards and precautions. Designed to guide construction engineers and managers in planning, estimating, and directing construction operations safely and effectively.

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