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Compiler Design in C скачать

Compiler Design in C
Название: Compiler Design in C
Автор: Allen I. Holub
Год издания: 1990
Страниц: 191
ISBN: 0131550454
Формат: djvu
Размер: 6.08 Мб
Язык: английский
Качество: сканированые страницы

This book is a must have. It uses the dragon book (Compilers: principles, techniques and tools by Aho et.al) as a model but goes a great deal further in its use of examples when explaining the theory. Whenever I had a little trouble understanding the dragon book or wished that more examples were used I turned to Holub's book. The book is extremely well organized. If you want the theory its all there and if you want to just look at code its all there too: thousands of lines of it! After explaining everything you actually get to see how lex and yacc are built (from the ground up) and finally a C compiler. BUY IT NOW!!

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