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Schaum's Outline of Programming With C++
Название: Schaum's Outline of Programming With C++
Автор: John R. Hubbard
Год издания: 1996
Страниц: 448
ISBN: 0070308373
Формат: pdf
Размер: 42.84 Мб
Язык: английский
Качество: отличное

This Schaum's Outline presents all the fundamental concepts of the current ANSI standard version of the C++ programming language. This is an object-oriented extension of the very popular C language, and it promises to grow in popularity. Many complete programs are included.

Summary: The only book of its kind!
Rating: 5
This is an excellent supplement to most of the college level textbooks in C++ programming. Many authors of C++ textbooks are taken up by the apparent need to illustrate complex object oriented concepts (lest Java be seen as the alpha and omega in object oriented languages)with long winded "case studies" or "programming projects" that seem contrived (see any book by Deitel for examples of such.)Some other authors think that their exercises and examples are places to showcase their ingenuity and possession of programming tricks (see Daniel Liang's "Displaying A Pyramid Of Numbers" in Chapter 3 of Introduction to JAVA Programming, Comprehensive Version, 5th Edition, as an example of such.) But what about simple exercises to see if you've mastered the basics of arrays, loops, and simple functions? Let's face it, it will be a couple of years before you'll be asked to work on the code for an ATM machine (Deitel), in the meantime buy this book and focus on the basics.
Summary: Gut strukturiert, viel Info zu einem sehr guten Preis
Rating: 5
Dieses outlet bietet eine sehr gute Zusammenfassung der meissten Aspekte von C++. Es ist kein Anfangertutorial und auch kein Referenzbuch, eignet sich aber sehr gut zum Nachschlagen.
Die Erklarungen sind, im Vergleich mit anderen Buchern, kurz und sehr gut ausgefuhrt, zusatzlich bietet es noch viele Beispiele zur Vertiefung. Es ist in einfachem, leicht verstandlichem Englisch geschrieben. Durch das praktische Format kann man es auch leichter mitnehmen als 1000 seitige Walzer.Besonders fur die guten Erklarungen und den Preis vergebe ich die vollen Punkte.
Summary: Schaum's Outline of Programming with C++
Rating: 5
Very informative introduction to C++. I was new to C++ and most textbooks are hard to understand and hence requires a teacher to explain everything. I started reading it halfway through the course and got a C+ when I was expecting an F.
Summary: its a good book. But u need programming with C also.
Rating: 4
The book is good but it doesnt cover struct's and unions. unions are worth there weight in gold in data i/o programming. The book has not got a mistake on it as the "Shaun G Pearson of nova scotia put it". Its using the newer C++ library and is part of it. (...) I suppose the book doesn't want to go to far into C stuff. C is essential to writing clear and concise code in C++. But at the price the book is at its a good buy. I've got it.
Summary: For the person that is stuck in C programming
Rating: 5
Who referred to this book having mistakes:
They seem to be stuck in the stone ages of C programming.
Since the new ANSI standard came out, (which compilers are still attempting to catch up to), header files have not used a .h extension, C Standard library headers have been renamed and so on.
Every negative point the person makes indicates a complete lack of knowledge, especially accurate knowledge of the C++ standard.
As such that review should be completely and utterly disregarded.
This book is definitely head and shoulders above the crap that people like Herb Schildt have been putting out.

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