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Master VISUALLY Microsoft Office 2007 скачать

Название: Master VISUALLY Microsoft Office 2007
Автор: Tom Bunzel
Издательство: Visual
Год: 2007
Страниц: 694
ISBN: 0470135476
Формат: PDF
Размер: 66.4 Мб
Язык: английский

Within this comprehensive, visual reference, succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots show you how to accomplish more than 300 Office tasks. You’ll learn how to format text and apply styles in Word, work with Excel formulas and functions, add animation to PowerPoint slides, create an Access database, manage contacts with Outlook, collaborate with OneNote and Live Meeting, and create publications with Publisher. A bonus CD-ROM includes demo software, add-ins, sample files, and additional chapters.
From the Back Cover
"One picture is worth a thousand words." If you prefer instructions that show you how rather than tell you why, then this comprehensive reference is for you. Hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots reveal how to accomplish more than 300 Office 2007 tasks, including:
Formatting text and applying styles in Word
Working with Excel® formulas and functions
Adding animation to PowerPoint® slides
Creating an Access database
Managing contacts with Outlook®
Collaborating with OneNote and Live Meeting
Adding animation to a PowerPoint presentation
Working with Excel formulas and functions
Managing calendars and contacts with Outlook
Collaborating with OneNote and System 2007
Using the Access database wizard
Creating publications with Publisher

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