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Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners скачать

Автор: Wallace Wang
Название: Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners
Издательство: Apress
Язык: English
Год: 2011
Формат: pdf
Размер: 11Mb
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

Want to learn how to program on your Mac? Not sure where to begin? Best-selling author Wallace Wang will explain how to get started with Cocoa, Objective-C, and Xcode. Whether you are an experience Windows coder moving to the Mac or you are completely new to programming, you'll see how the basic design of a Mac OS X program works, how Objective-C differs from other languages you may have used, and how to settle into using the Xcode development environment. Most importantly, you'll see how elements of the Cocoa framework work: how they can be used to create windows, store data, and respond to the user.If you want to learn how to develop apps with Cocoa and Objective-C, this book is a great first step. What you’ll learn
* Basic programming concepts illustrated with short, easy-to-understand examples
* How to use Xcode and related programming tools
* The basics of Objective-C and how it compares to other languages you might know
* How to create simple apps using the Cocoa framework Who this book is for

Mac users who want to learn programming or Windows developers who are moving to the Mac OS and iOS platforms. No previous programming experience required.


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