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Beginning iOS 4 Application Development скачать

Автор: Wei-Meng Lee
Название: Beginning iOS 4 Application Development
Издательство: Wiley Publishing
Язык: English
Год: 2010
Формат: pdf
Размер: 34,3Mb
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

The ideal starting point for creating apps using iOS 4
Written by an experienced Apple developer and trainer, this full-color reference serves as an ideal jumping point for creating applications for Apple’s iOS 4 that runs on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. In addition to in-depth coverage of the iOS SDK, the book walks you through the various core aspects of iPhone and iPad development. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the tools provided by XCode and you’ll benefit from a solid introduction to Objective-C, which allows you to have a smooth transition to iPhone development from another platform.

Offers a solid foundation for creating applications for Apple’s iOS 4
Covers all the new features of iOS 4 and provides a new applications template for developing iPad and iPhone apps
Addresses the new PopoverView for iPad apps
Shows how to develop background applications, which is one of the new features in iOS 4
Beginning iOS 4 Application Development is your ultimate resource for creating applications for Apple's iOS 4.


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