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Expert F# 2.0, Beginning F#, Foundations of F# скачать

Expert F# 2.0, Beginning F#, Foundations of F#
Автор: Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino
Название: Expert F# 2.0, Beginning F#, Foundations of F#
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2007-2010
Формат: pdf(zip)
Размер: 21 Mb
Язык: English
Для сайта: Bukvy.net

О книге: Expert F# is about practical programming in a beautiful language that puts the power and elegance of functional programming into the hands of .NET developers. In combination with .NET, F# achieves unrivaled levels of programmer productivity and program clarity.

* The authoritative guide to F# by the designer of F#
* A comprehensive reference of F# concepts, syntax, and features
* A treasury of expert F# techniques for practical, real-world programming
Functional programming (FP) is the future of .NET programming, and F# is much more than just an FP language. Every professional .NET programmer needs to learn about FP, and theres no better way to do it than by learning F#and no easier way to learn F# than from Foundations of F#.
Functional programming is perhaps the next big wave in application development. As experienced developers know, functional programming makes its mark by allowing application builders to develop solutions to complicated programming situations cleanly and efficiently. A rich history of functional languages, including Erlang and OCaml, leads the way to F#, Microsoft's effort to bring the elegance and focus of functional programming into the world of managed code and .NET.


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