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Media Sexploitation
Автор: Wilson Bryan Key
Название: Media Sexploitation
Издательство: unknown
Год: -
Формат: pdf
Размер: 2,5 MB
Highly intelligent, sensible and crucial reading. Key's point is that the advertisers who fashion the consumer culture do not solely rely on messages that are geared for the consumers logical,conscious mind. The advertisers have a card up their sleeve-in the form of subliminal (AKA unconscious) material. Because information that can enter the unconscious cannot be defended against or be constructively criticized, it would be money in the bank for merchants to slip their product in there. Key's claim that there are embedded words and pictures in all print media can be tested by anyone willing to train their eyes to it. Besides his damming expose on this illegal procedure, Key does a great job in analyzing cultures taboos and fears and how the advertisers co-opt psychoanalysis for consumerism. Needles to say, if one does not believe in depth-psychlogy, this book will be more difficult to comprehend.

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