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Wrap & Drape Fashion. History, Design & Drawing скачать

Wrap & Drape Fashion. History, Design & Drawing

Название:Wrap & Drape Fashion. History, Design & Drawing
Автор:Elisabetta Drudi
Издательство:Pepin Press
Формат:jpg в архиве rar
Размер:9,64 Мб
Кол-во стр:80( из них 78 сдвоенные, страницы не все, в оригинале 232)

Книга об искусстве драпировки платков, парео, саронга и т.п. Основное внимание уделено изображению фигуры в драпированной одежде. Приводятся схематичные лекала некоторых изделий.
What pareos, sarongs, saris, shawls, scarves, capes, and bandanas all have in common is that they consist of one piece of fabric. However, they differ enormously in size and shape and how they are wrapped, draped and secured.
Linking the roots of one-piece clothing with modern fashion design, "Wrap & Drape Fashion" offers a comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural particulars of unstitched garments.
Furthermore, this book contains practical instruction on creating new prints, and many unique examples of how to cut fabric to create exciting, fashionable one-piece apparel. This is accompanied by original cut designs, complete with measurements and fabric recommendations. With more than 400 excellent, professional drawings, including many step-by-step examples how to sketch the figure. As a source of inspiration and instruction, this book is an essential toot for fashion enthousiasts, students and professionals.

Издание на английском языке.


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