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Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies By Hokyoung Ryu, David Parsons
Publisher: Information Science Reference 2008-10-07 | 434 Pages | ISBN: 1605660620 | PDF | 8.5 MB

Academia and industry have only begun to explore the vast capabilities that the emerging field of mobile learning has to enrich education. To help researchers and practitioners drive the realization of the potential benefits of mobile learning technology to the next level, a thorough survey of the state of knowledge in this ascending field is vital. Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies is the first book to comprehensively set out opportunities presented by mobile learning technologies, collecting incisive research articles from leading international experts. Covering field challenges, practical experiences, and current technological advances, this unique contribution to the current research will benefit academics and students in a variety of education and technology-related disciplines, as well as industry specialists in the field mobile technology.

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