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The Enduring Library: Technology, Tradition, and the Quest for Balance скачать

Автор: Michael Gorman
Название: The Enduring Library
Издательство: American Library Association
Год: 2003
Страниц: 157
Формат: PDF
ISBN-10: 0838935117
Язык: Английский
Размер: 1.35 MB
From one of the profession's most prolific writers and passionate scholars, this book is billed as a "manifesto" that will help librarians strike a balance between the ideas of technology dominance and the tradition of library service. Gorman's premise is that to understand the impact of technology on society and libraries, we need to have a clear view of the history and evolution of communications technology. He holds that library life has always been affected by technology, suggesting that we are not in a transformational time but at an important point in the evolution of libraries. He also examines reading in the digital world and the nature of the Web, library work and the future of libraries (focusing on reference and cataloging), and two ailments of modern living--information overload and stress. Librarians and library administrators interested in forecasting, information technology, library trends, and professional ethics will want to read this insightful and provocative book

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