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'SailplanesНазвание: Sailplanes by Schweizer: A History
Автор: Paul A. Schweizer
Издательство: Airlife Publishing Ltd.
ISBN: 184037022X
Год: 1998
Страниц: 225
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 38.73МБ
Язык: английский
The three Schweizer brothers, Ernest, then aged 18, Paul (16) and William (12), completed and flew their first glider at Peekskill, New York, in June 1930. After they had designed, built and flown four further gliders, and following their graduation in aircraft engineering, Ernie and Paul in partnership founded the Schweizer Metal Aircraft Company in 1937. Bill joined the company after his own studies in science were completed in 1941, by which time Ernie and Paul had moved to Elmira, NY, and the Schweizer Aircraft Corporation had been incorporated. In 1996 this was the only American aircraft design and production company with a continuous record of operations under the same family ownership and management.
The text of this book, written by Paul Schweizer and edited and expanded by Martin Simons, who also made the drawings, brings together the combined recollections and knowledge of the three brothers to tell the story of the gliders and sailplanes Schweizers designed and built over a period of sixtyfive years. Data, accurate three-view drawings and photographs supplement and illustrate the text.

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