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Название: Oldsmobile Six and Eight. The Car that Has Everything
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Oldsmobile has one single and definite ideal in mind for every car that bears the Oldsmobile name: To design and build a Quality car, that in Style, Performance, Durability and Low Price gives you the greatest possible value for your Imestment... Whether your choice be the Six or the Eight, Oldsmobile assures you all that is new and better, all that is modern and proved, every feature you want in a truly fine car; in a word - "The Car That Has Everything!"... Such a car as Oldsmobile builds is not the result of a day. It is the product of year-after-year improvement and constant advance. As such, it represents an enviable engineering accomplishment. ...From any viewpoint you take of it, Oldsmobile is a big car, a fine car, a value car. It preserves that fine balance between appearance and power, size and economy, speed and safety, comfort and alertness, which results in "The Car That Has Everything!"... The engineer, with his faith in accuracy, and the workman, with his pride of achievement, are the masters at Oldsmobile. They join in producing for you a car that is built of quality materials, a car that is carefully manufactured to precision standards, a fine car with every fine-car feature - Oldsmobile, "The Car That Has Everything!"

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