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Discrete cosine and sine transforms скачать

Discrete cosine and sine transforms
[b]Название: Discrete cosine and sine transforms
[b]Автор: Britanak V., Yip P.C., Rao K.P.
[b]Издвтельство: Academic Press
[b]Год: 2006
[b]Страниц: 368
[b]Размер: 1.6 Mb
[b]Формат: pdf
[b]Язык: английский

The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is used in many applications by the scientific, engineering and research communities and in data compression in particular. Fast algorithms and applications of the DCT Type II (DCT-II) have become the heart of many established international image/video coding standards. Since then other forms of the DCT and Discrete Sine Transform (DST) have been investigated in detail.
This new edition presents the complete set of DCT and DST discrete trigonometric transforms, including their definitions, general mathematical properties, and relations to the optimal Karhunen-Loeve transform (KLT), with the emphasis on fast algorithms (one-dimensional and two-dimensional) and integer approximations of DCTs and DSTs for their efficient implementations in the integer domain. DCTs and DSTs are real-valued transforms that map integer-valued signals to floating-point coefficients. To eliminate the floating-point operations, various methods of integer approximations have been proposed to construct and flexibly generate a family of integer DCT and DST transforms with arbitrary accuracy and performance. The integer DCTs/DSTs with low-cost and low-powered implementation can replace the corresponding real-valued transforms in wireless and satellite communication systems as well as portable computing applications.


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