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Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (Ensign 4) скачать

Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (Ensign 4)
Автор: Alan Raven, John Roberts
Название: Queen Elizabeth Class Battleships (Ensign 4),
Издательство: Bivouac Books Ltd
Год: 1975
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 47,32 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 51

Описание:ТЫ Queen Elisabeth claw otter* the greatest pessfxe «соре for both teHue* end voueJ treatment, end A. hope readers *Ы agree that we have prowled the correct balance withm th* voajme With a hrstury омглд from the inception of the dm in 1912 end wtrvtce in thefast World Wai. and involving as it doea a representative pcture of Ihe г hunger and development• m battleship design and construction of the Inler war years a wealth of material haft accrued which пшМт* teiection a difficult task. Nevertheless, we foe* that riven the most avid collector will find photographs m Ensign No. 4 whrch ara cornptetefy new to him.
Once again we would i*a to then* those who have wniten to us with comments end concerns It a not etwevft po&sM to reply to afl Mters but each ш feed with appreciation Your remarks in advance oi publication are abo wekome. and we woukj take th>» opportunity to porni oui that Ensrgn S will deal with luwn Class cruisers. Including the two modified Towns, Edinburgh and Ballast, and Ensign 6 wiN cover *Я' class battleships. Photo coverage in each will m elude many hrtherto unpublished, with a large proporiion devoted to on board views
Photographs not from the author'* coWiCfjon are oduded bv cour testy o* the Imperial War Museum. Messrs Wnghi and Logan and the US Navy, vwrh spebai thanks to Mr J, Dixon for he help «n thra area Our thanks also to Devrf Brown. David Lyons and Mi Spores (Imperial War Museum) for thee help and encouragement
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