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Hood Design and Construction (Ensign Special)
Автор:Maurice Northcott
Название: Hood Design and Construction (Ensign Special)
Издательство: Plaistow Press Ltd
Год: 1975
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 70,81 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц:68

My first recollection of H.M.S. Hood was when she visited Teeside in mid-1935. I remember the stir she caused among holiday makers in my hometown of Redcar as she stood proudly, off the mouth of the Tees — indeed I well recall sobbing bitterly because my mother could not afford the 5/- being charged by boatmen for rowing visitors around the mighty vessel. This, I think, was the factor that decided my future career — I must join the Royal Navy. Imagine then my feelings when, on completion of my training, I was drafted to my first ship in June 1939 — H.M.S. Hood.
The Royal Navy in general, and Hoods ship's com¬pany in particular, had a fierce pride in the "MIGHTY Hood" as she was known. She was a happy ship despite her size. Discipline, although of necessity, much stricter in capital ships than in smaller vessels, seemed to stem from a mutual respect between the various branches and ranks, rather than from fear of consequences. This may well have been based upon the world-wide reputation she enjoyed of being the most powerful and graceful warship afloat. "Graceful" seems a ludicrous way of describing a vessel whose primary foundation was for destruction, but it was the only fitting adjective to apply.
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