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Man O'War 3, Battleships Rodney and Nelson скачать

Man O'War 3, Battleships Rodney and Nelson
Автор: Alan Raven, John Roberts
Название: Man O'War 3, Battleships Rodney and Nelson
Издательство: Arms & Armour Press
Год: 1979
Формат: PDF (rar+3%)
Размер: 83,21 Мб
Язык: Английский
Количество страниц: 50
Для сайта: bukvy.net

Описание: As you read through "Rodney & Nelson," I hope you agree with us that it maintains the standards we've set with previous titles in the series. You'll note, however, that the "balance" of the book is somewhat different from our previous issues. For one, there is far more text. Further, we have included an extensive section on the wartime service of the two vessels. There are also con¬siderably more on-board photos. These differences in presentation reflect several factors we have to contend with. First, of course, is the availability of information: For reasons now lost to posterity, certain ships—or indeed entire classes of ships, were simply not photographed very much. Similarly, textual correspondence regarding many interesting ships is sadly incomplete—while in other cases there are simply reams of memos, notes, orders, etc. available on an otherwise obscure vessel of little interest to anyone. Another factor to consider is the type of ship class we are covering. It can be appreciated that we can "zero in" on a two ship class such as Rodney & Nelson to a much finer degree than on a destroyer class such as the V & W's, where any number of vessels were doing all sorts of things at any given point in time.

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