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Tanks: Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade 1943-1945 скачать

'Tanks:Название: Tanks: Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade 1943-1945
Автор: Jaroslav Hajecek
Издательство: Capricorn Publications
ISBN: 8090394590
Год: 2009
Страниц: 88
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 77.94МБ
Язык: чешский / английский
This book begins with the history of the Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade from the first days of training in Great Britain to the last days of the war with the Dunkerque Battle. After pure historical notes, the topic moves to tanks. First the Cromwell A27 ARV Mk I and in deeper detail the Cromwell A27 ARV Mk IV 75mm with a large chapter description. Many photos show the Cromwell IV during training days. Cromwell mk IV A27 Typ E 75mm is the next tank and it is reported with photos shot during May 1945 during their homeward journey to Czechoslovakia and passing through liberated cities and villages. With the Cromwell Mk IV A27 Type F 75mm we find many intertesting photos with crews during maintenance services or parades. Again photos are in good conditions and many details are well visible. Next is for the Crusader (II, III and AA) family.After a short introduction note we find dozens of photos, Camouflage schemes and markings.Most photos have been took around 1943/1944 in Scotland. The book closing topic is related to the M5A1 Late Stuart, with 40 vehicles assigned to the Armoured Brigade and used for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. This book has a large amount of good quality photos and Czechoslovaks had the interesting habit to give nick names to tanks and make interesting markings. Contains 188 b/w photographs. Dual Czech / English text.

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