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The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering скачать

The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering
Название:The Handbook of Groundwater Engineering
Автор:Jacques W. Delleur
ISBN: 0849326982
Год: 1998
Формат: PDF
Размер: 18 MB

Due to the increasing demand for adequate water supply caused by the augmenting global population, groundwater production has acquired a new importance. In many areas, surface waters are not available in sufficient quantity or quality. Thus, an increasing demand for groundwater has resulted.However, the residence of time of groundwater can be of the order of thousands of years while surface waters is of the order of days. Therefore, substantially more attention is warranted for transport processes and pollution remediation in groundwater than for surface waters. Similarly, pollution remediation problems in groundwater are generally complex.This excellent, timely resource covers the field of groundwater from an engineering perspective, comprehensively addressing the range of subjects related to subsurface hydrology. It provides a practical treatment of the flow of groundwater, the transport of substances, the construction of wells and well fields, the production of groundwater, and site characterization and remediation of groundwater pollution.No other reference specializes in groundwater engineering to such a broad range of subjects. Its use extends to:oThe engineer designing a well or well fieldoThe engineer designing or operating a landfill facility for municipal or hazardous wastesoThe hydrogeologist investigating a contaminant plumeoThe engineer examining the remediation of a groundwater pollution problemoThe engineer or lawyer studying the laws and regulations related to groundwater qualityoThe scientist analyzing the mechanics of solute transportoThe geohydrologist assessing the regional modeling of aquifersoThe geophysicist determining the characterization of an aquiferoThe cartographer mapping aquifer characteristicsoThe practitioner planning a monitoring network

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