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Plant Genetic Engineering, Volume 5: Towards the Third Millennium скачать

Plant Genetic Engineering, Volume 5: Towards the Third Millennium
Название:Plant Genetic Engineering, Volume 5: Towards the Third Millennium (Developments in Plant Genetics and Breeding)
Автор:A.D. Arencibia
Издательство:Elsevier Science
ISBN: 0444504303
Год: 2000
Формат: PDF
Размер: 16.5 Mb

Plant biotechnology offers important opportunities for agriculture, horticulture, and the pharmaceutical and food industry by generating transgenic varieties with altered properties. This is likely to change farming practice and reduce the potential negative impact of plant production on the environment. This volume shows the worldwide advances and potential benefits of plant genetic engineering focusing on the third millennium.

The authors discuss the production of transgenic plants resistant to biotic and abiotic stress, the improvement of plant qualities, the use of transgenic plants as bioreactors, and the use of plant genomics for genetic improvement and gene cloning. Unique to this book is the integrative point of view taken between plant genetic engineering and socioeconomic and environmental issues. Considerations of regulatory processes to release genetically modified plants, as well as the public acceptance of the transgenic plants are also discussed.

This book will be welcomed by biotechnologists, researchers and students alike working in the biological sciences. It should also prove useful to everyone dedicated to the study of the socioeconomic and environmental impact of the new technologies, while providing recent scientific information on the progress and perspectives of the production of genetically modified plants.

The work is dedicated to Professor Marc van Montagu.

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