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Hardboiled Web Design 5th EditionНазвание: Hardboiled Web Design 5th Edition
Автор: Andy Clarke
Издательство: Smashing Magazine GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-945749-37-1
Год: 2015
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 441
Формат: pdf
Размер: 17.75 MB

Полностью пересмотренное и обновленное пятью новыми главами об адаптивном дизайне пятое юбилейное издание Hardboiled Web Design предназначено для дизайнеров и разработчиков, которые хотят понять, как использовать новейшие технологии HTML и CSS для адаптивного дизайна сайта.

With a reputation for being a reference book that “spends more time open on the desk than closed in the bookcase”, Hardboiled Web Design: Fifth Anniversary Edition features a wealth of updated front-end techniques, strategies and attitude overhauls that anyone working on the web can benefit from.

Across 441 pages with plenty of code samples, Andy sets out the “hardboiled” ethos, stripping markup to the bone, making it more flexible and scalable. You’ll also get insights into Andy’s workflow and learn how to establish a design atmosphere and develop a design style guide, create type proofs, use brand personality interviews and reduce wasted time in the process.

You’ll also learn how to avoid predictable generic layouts and embrace creativity within a responsive mindset and how to establish a better “responsive” process with clients. If you want to explore a workflow that will not hold you back, freeing your potential for crafting rich and expressive responsive websites today, this book is your new constant companion.

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